Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Are you sitting too much?

New chair for everyone...in my office

Company changed everyone's chair into this huge bulky dude. Heard it's worth ~RM2k each..that's a lot of $$ to pay for each staff in company yo. On a more serious note, i think this is a well thought change, it's suggested to stand up or walk a little after each hour of sitting.

Short summary
In short, at the molecular level, your body was designed to be active and on the move all day long. When you stop moving for extended periods of time, it's like telling your body it's time to shut down and prepare for death. 
Potential damage area , Organ Damage,Posture Problems,Muscle Degeneration,Leg Disorders..Too Much Sitting Can Take Years Off Your Life (source)

My trick#1 is pretty simple, use a small tupperware ~300ml. Drink up and refill. Keeps me hydrated and also give excuse to take water and go toilet.

Trick #2 Park your car further away from the entrance. I park ~500m away from office building for free parking in the park and also so that it's easier to go for my runs in evening.

Update: trick #3, my colleague do this. take the staircase instead of using lift up to office. Might be a good idea to pick up, but i don't think i will like the idea of being sweaty at start of office day.

Anyway, it's good to have corporate class chair, maybe hopefully everyone will work overtime?!

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