Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SaltMarsh Running tips - Belt buckle, Belly Button, Ninja & Quick steps

Just sharing out again this simple, effective tips of "Belt buckle, Belly Button, Ninja & Quick steps" by SaltMarsh (click link to read full details).

Belt buckle.

Shoulders back, hips forward, head up, show their belt buckle off to the world.

Belly button.

Don't to let your swinging hands cross the midpoint of your body


Try to run quietly, and you’ll find that you rise up on your toes a bit, shorten your stride, and gain better control of your body. Ninjas move quietly. Try running like a ninja to improve your running economy.

Quick steps.

One of the most difficult things to learn as a distance runner is to shorten your stride and focus on quick steps to minimize injury. If you shorten your stride and focus on a quicker turnover you’ll be lighter on your feet and run longer with less effort. This is most apparent on hills.