Friday, April 22, 2016

More roles at work

Being appointed as PCM of a project..this means more roles & sharing overall project control with Pxx. Well more roles is fine career growth-wise sort of like one level up the ladder, hopefully with it comes bigger paycheck la (most important factor :). Sometimes day to day routine are quite hectic and time passes so quickly, trying to close cover up gaps for team members and workaround poor handling , please internal customers. Let's see what happens after this.

This also means less time to be blogging, hope i can still write actively..squeeze some time here n there. My getfit2016 goal is going pretty well, actually enjoying the addictive adrenaline rush with good music.

For survival's sake have to be like water la my friend. (or change the cup if necessary).

come to think of it, this means have to be Water + Ninja (referring to my last couple post) = water ninja, LOL

Might be slightly less active doing online exams in preparation for HQ training trip. Hopefully all goes well.