Monday, April 4, 2016

Won Korea @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras: update

We are back to Won Korea for lunch and there are few changes at the place now. Refer to my first post of Won Korea regarding it's delicious & value for money lunch sets.

Sundubu jigae - it's MIL,SIL and wife's favourite. Slightly spicy chili and gochujang soup, added with tofu, egg, onions, shrimp, some octopus (ask them to not add this and get lots of tofu) and some condiments. Very nice soup.

The homemade noodle (dak-kalguksu) is out of the menu due to lack of orders by customers. It was quite nice in clear soup and suitable for baby E.

One more change to the lunch set is the it used to come with traditional tea sujeonggwa. Now already changed to sikhye which is still nice & exotic to our taste buds, personally prefer sikhye as sujeonggwa have stronger cinnamon taste, make me think i'm drinking some perfume concoction at times. Both seem to have similar slight ginger, cinnamon and dried persimmon taste. Sikhye is made of cooked rice or at least part of the process is. For more details can read this link from KTO.

My usual jeyuk bokkuem (pork stir fry with vege in gochujang sauce), i like to combine this and mix the side dishes into the sauce of the dish. 3 sundubu vs 1 jeyuk now LOL

Perhaps one of the more important changes, no more side dishes refill :(

However, to be fair they serve you side dishes proportional to what you ordered. We get ~10 or 11 side dish for our 4 pax order. It's still sufficient enough, but you can't go all out on the side dishes and stuff yourself silly anymore.  Still a bit of a let down eh? Did someone abused the side dish system?? Example, order 1 dish & refill 10x side dishes...well we'll never know. 

Still this is not a place to miss out if you are looking for value-for-money Korean meal (especially lunch) in Bandar Mahkota Cheras.