Friday, June 17, 2016

A Walk in Kowloon Park @ Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong

This park is really near the vicinity of Nathan Road, all the more reason to pay it a visit. 

GPS location: 22.3003719,114.167956

Walking along Nathan Rd, the entrance after this shoplot is the one we used to enter the park.

Lego style cartoon characters greet us at the staircase.

Avenue of Comic Stars is part of the park. But we are not familiar with HK comic/cartoon characters. Just for fun yo.

Here is the sign

HK version of One piece?

Hmm..panda i guess.

Ahh.. this is the Stormriders.

Behind this wall is actually a mini water park. Pretty cool.

Keep walking along the walls.

Thru some park buildings. It's pretty common to see some non-local Asian people having picnics in the park.

Taichi seems like a favorite thing to do here.

A pond in the middle.

With tortoises.

Flowers everywhere as usual.

This is sort of like a maze. See can barely find a person standing in the midst of all the greens.

Some sculptures that i can't make out what it is.

Go up an there is an aviary for birds.

Typical past time for HKier - playing chess or taichi.

Heading down back, you can see the water park opposite this place.

There is also a section where you can find a totem-pole.

A closer look.

Look at the roots.

another more deserted area of the park where you can find the west battery.

Looking out at west i reckon.

Opposite i suppose is a mock castle. Nothing inside except stairs and no worthy to mentioned view to see from the top of it. Lots of mosquitoes or bugs here yes.

So this is where the pool entrance is.

Exited thru here.

Another entrance/exit gate.

Finally back to Nathan Rd.