Monday, June 27, 2016

Tien Hou Kong Temple @ Chiwan, ShenZhen

Since we are heading to splendid china on this day, we thought that it will be fun to drop by Tien Hou temple @ Chiwan station along the same Line 2 MRT of Shenzhen.

GPS location: 22.479419,113.892031

Directions: using MRT go towards Chiwan direction on Line 2 (orange). Can't miss it since it's the last line & the station you are heading to is Chiwan itself. Exit gate C and turn right after going out the station. Walk about 5 mins, go up the staircase on your left , keep walking for about < 10 min and you will find the temple on your left. There is signboard pointing you towards the direction when you are close enough.

Edited from phone. Can do so much nowadays on mobile.

From Laojie to Chiwan, good 45 min shaking on the MRT. Just kidding, only in Malaysia the LRT screech and shakes violently like a wounded beast LOL.

Oh look, hello kitty card. Unfortunately we found out later that can only top by 100 RMB. Too much to waste, so keep it for now as a souvenir.

Have ticketing machine to check balance, reload card or buy MRT single trip token.

When we boarded at Laojie ~9+ or 10am Sunday morning.

Must say it's pretty comfy & ~7 RMB till end of the Line, didn't see any public misbehaving that's supposedly rampant in China. ahem .. :p

(Butt?)-pinching is pretty new and creepy i guess, can't think of where else a stranger wanna pinch on you. I think it's pickpockets mistranslated. 

Station sign, sorry no idea what it says. 

Finally 1 station away from our drop off point.

Here is how it looks like in the MRT now :P

Up the escalators.

There are bikes and cars offering rides - not for free obviously. Car dude asking for 10RMB for ride to temple. It's a great weather for a walk yo, so it's a negative sir.

Again, from station turn right & keep walking till this guy. Follow him up.

Pretty quiet place at the Western side end of Shenzhen.

Same on the road.

Some shades along the way. Btw, its not that stroller friendly. See the tiles condition and also staircase if you decide to take up the challenge with a stroller & baby on tow. A chinese family did this while we are here. Respect hehe.

View from the staircase.

Keep moving forward

You will see a containers storage area on your right.

The sign board, you probably won't miss it unless you didn't go up the staircase earlier.

Far shot.

Near shot.

Finally the front gate of the temple.

There is admission fee to enter. Pretty rare for temples actually from my experience. Can't imagine what people will say if Penang starts imposing fees to enter the Kek Lok Si temple :S

Very serene scene greets you on the entrance walkway inside.

Very simple booth.

Back of the tix.


Lookout from main temple 

Very well kept temple. I guess the funds raised are well utilized.

Bell shaped incense hall i guess. 

Giant bronze incense holder outside.

Not too sure what this is. 

Dragon carving on pillar

Few steps back, one more shot at the view.

Guardian lion statues, 2 on the front of main gate of temple.

2 watch tower type building in front. One with a ram gong, another with a different type of gong. 

Sorry, i'm really n00b when it comes to Buddhist things, although i'm a Buddhist bordering to free-thinker range. 

There is a 3-4 story building beside with some statues and not much inside. Some of the rooms are locked even. If time is limited, just skip this and the stairs climbing up and down.

Shot from this building opposite.

Kind of like this 3-D drawing. There is a mini museum inside the temple with this drawing.

Really mini one.

This the vertical view of the pool you see on previous pic.

A wishing tree beside the temple area.


So many reinforcement done to support it. Must be quite old i think.

In same area as wishing tree.

Some carving arts to appreciate. Dragon & phoenix symbol.

This is along the way out. Not sure if it's done on purpose.

Back gate is also quite grand.

Hmm..not too sure, a lion guard? 

Ok, this concludes the trip here.

Allocate about 1.5 hour if you are visiting leisurely. It's a temple anyway, drop by pray or pay respect & admire it's serenity & beauty. We are ready for our next destination now.

Cotton tree outside temple area.