Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Aroi Thai Express @ Bandar Sg Long

This is one interesting place for mini dishes of Thai food to try out. It's probably catered towards UTAR students @ Sg Long area since the promo package is also specially for students. Quite worth a place to chill & have some Thai food.

GPS location: 3.0392841,101.7929789
Surprisingly not found in googlemap. Just explore opposite UTAR shoprow with food courts and Face to Face Pan Mee shop. It's on the end of the one way road. Not so easy to find parking spots since it's directly in front of UTAR.

The shop is located on 2nd floor.

Pretty staircase deco.

At the top , you arrived at Aroi Thai 0km.

It's a neat cafe, with simple decos.

The counter, ordering is via Old town cafe style. Pen and paper then pass your ticked order to the waiter/waitress.

Have a peek at the mini orders. Interesting way to sell.

Can stack up some bowls if you like to taste many types of food at a go.

Decently priced, but not really cheap.

They even have a facebook page.

Fried popiah drenched in thai chili. This is RM2, so looks cheap ah...but ot really.

Pad thai RM7, taste is actually pretty good but the portion is a bit disappointing.

Same goes to tomyum. Why cut the soup portion - the most important thing in tomyum. This really spoils the dish that costs RM7.

Mini thai pan mee is actually a pan wee with fish ball @ RM2.

The belacan fried chicken is good, costing RM2 per pc

We ordered the sticky rice mango..not much mango to go with the sticky rice. Taste is so-so.

Even then, we finished everything.

Dessert is blended coconut shake @ RM4.90 i think it's not so bad. Depending on whether you like the added syrup tasting milk in your shake.

Ice cream coconut is good, RM2 per scoop.

Total damage or RM32.90 for 3 person & 1 todd.

It's good place for students to hang out. Food is average not really top notch, but i would vouch for the chicken wing and ice cream. Tomyum soup is just ok, could have been better and become a hit. Slight miss on that. Pad thai is better than many places i tried. So there you have it. If you plan to have a party with little bowls of treats then this is the place to be.

Update: successfully added marker for this place on Google map. Yay for my first contribution accepted.