Monday, June 6, 2016

Alam Floria @ Putrajaya

Due to time constraint, this gonna be more of a photo blog. Unfortunately this event ended on 5/June/16, meaning that you will have to wait till next year & for better weather to visit it again. It's pretty decent & decorations are well done. Kudos to the joint effort by various parties participating in the fest.

RM7.50 per pax. Integrated ticket printed at counter opposite the entrance. Take note there are few entrance, we took the one nearest to the bridge side, with parking space opposite the site. Half price discount for children below 6 yrs old i think and senior citizen >60 yrs old.

Poor carpark management. Have to mention, all cars come in & got stuck for some time & not much reason at all.

Careful at carpark area since it's old site. Some steel foundation stuck on ground. Very unprofessional work. they should clean up all these as it's real danger and hazard. Imagine people getting wounded by the rusted steel...terrible.

View from gate.

Simple entrance gate.

Not sure what this is. The ticket counter is opposite this. 
This marvelous view greeting you at entrance. 

Candy house

Some cosplayers, they appeared ~9.30pm. Pretty late ya.

Heading back into the snowy area. 

See all the lights. 

Lousy attempt at panorama 

It's a rainy night.

There is a band playing at nearby stage.

Fairy tale themed property sales? 

Based on Johor & Penang state theme. 

Pokemon park?