Thursday, June 16, 2016

pilot run: DIY homemade peanut butter

Been reading on how to DIY your own homemade peanut butter. First few steps i forgot to take some photos. It's to wash the peanuts, then sun them for few days with the skin intact. Then roast it using the bread maker Joyoung brand we have for 25min. Setting #13 and set to 25 minutes, press start then chill while work is being done.

The hardest part is peeling the skin from the nuts. By theory, we should be able to sieve it traditional style using a flat tray and tossing it like a pro.

Like this; 

Didn't work out well, or maybe im using the wrong tool, a container instead of tray. Will end up with too many peanuts on floor. So what i did was use the bottom of a cup to press the peanuts, this sort of remove majority of the skins and then rub the peanuts to peel completely and at same time remove rotten ones. Quite a chore. Finally to separate, i end up tossing them nuts in container and blowing the skins by mouth. Ouch, messy dirty and hazard to eyes...i think this might work with a fan. Wasn't thinking much and was trying to get it done haha.

Next comes the fun part. Blend them nuts. It takes a while to get them here.

Then to a more creamy state. Suppose we can add some sugar and oil to make the texture more smooth. And somewhere i read on the net before, we can blend one small part slightly and keep aside as the crunchy part. Mix back to your creamy blend at the end.

Not really what i expect yet. Was blending into midnight time, so i stopped here. There is this point of magical creaminess where you blend long enough, i guess you will probably get the off-the-shelf type of creamy peanut butter jam. It's almost there this time.

Well, ran out of flour to make bread. Oh dear, will try out & come back next time again to make an improvised version. Oh ya, do keep refrigerated since it's pure peanut with no preservative. Probably last only 3-4 days. So till next time for pilot #2. :)

Btw, this is pretty smart. But maybe can borrow this idea haha or practise & perfect the tossing tray method =_=