Monday, June 27, 2016

Me before you - cinema after >3 years

via googleimage

Gotta take a break once in a while from the parenting marathon. 

We are not really cinema fans, but it's quite nice to see movie once in a while (well especially when the tickets are free). We finally got our break, or managed to squeeze one out when Baby E falls into her afternoon slumber haha. Pretty relaxed since we don't have to worry on watching everything for toddlers -safety, get her there with no injury etc.. The movie is pretty good and reflects on reality of a normal guy that got disabled all of sudden. 

These 2 free tix from SPHR of my company. More is better =)

This is the furthest row the free pass allows. Good enough and not too close enough.

Moral of story, try to live at the moment. Enjoy and appreciate everything we have now, not to say don't plan for your future la... Pretty emo movie.