Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hong Kong Daytriping & foodie trail 2016

Mak's Shrimp wanton noodle. Read more here.

More photo blog incoming. We have roughly half a day upon arrival in afternoon 1pm till late afternoon tomorrow to tour around Hong Kong before transferring to Shenzhen. So this is sort of like a day trip/excursion from our training itinerary. This integrated googlemap is outline of where we walked.

General routes:
Ihotel --> Mak's Noodle @ Haiphong St --> Kowloon park --> ChungKing Mansion --> Garden of Stars --> Symphony of Light @ HK cultural center --> Sun Kee Pork Cheek Cheese Noodle--> Australian Dairy Company --> Temple St Night Market.

First thing after check in to our accommodation, iHotel at Nathan Road is to look for something to fill up our empty stomach. 

GPS location: 22.3039485,114.1710176,17.75

We head down Nathan St, armed with the Hong Kong Travel app as walking GPS & our research paper. ~10min down the road, we found Jordan MRT on our left. This shop about 4-5th lot down the row on your left after taking a right on the 2nd junction after Jordan MRT (entering from Nathan Rd). On same row is the Australian Dairy Co famous for it's toast & egg white+milk pudding. 

One soup & another dry wanton noodle from Mak's. Expected very impatient waitress & service. At ~3+ pm it's not so crowded so they did go easy on us, not rushing us out. But the time from menu handed to an enquiring look for our orders is pretty short, bout less than 30 seconds i think hahaha. Pretty amusing. Noodle is only average, too salty on the dry version sauce. What's really perfect & worth experiencing is the all-shrimp wanton. Good enough for a taste of the famous Mak's noodle. For an easier to experience HongKong style pork-shrimp noodle at HK airport, read here.

Picture minus menu, that's how fast it's retrieved back upon ordering. I guess there is another menu below the glass, but quite useless since we don't read Mandarin characters.
We are served our meal with a local standard glass of hot tea each person.

 Total staggering damage for 2 bowls at 104 HKD. Hong Kong food can really blow a hole in your pocket(s). Well, once in a while this happens ya.

Just few shops down is Australia Dairy Company for the milk/eggwhile pudding.

Too long queue

Skip it..this is the end of the queue. No more recognizable shops from the Autralian Dairy row..plan to be back later.

Our next stop is Kowloon Park. Spent ~2 hours inside, will keep this out as a separate post.

Then walk or stroll down Nathan Road. With air-con blasting out of the shops. One thing for sure, aircon and elevator must be very big business in Hong Kong. Just watch out for water dripping from above the apartments. People do hang their clothes on clothesline outside their window, and you can get watered from aircon outdoor units too i guess.

Full of people walking along Nathan Road.

This is the iconic building where many HK film uses this set that portrays classic cheap stays in Hong Kong, thin separators and shared bathroom. Of course not forgetting 'other' shadier activities probably around this known red light district of HK or equivalent to King's Cross at Sydney. Here is another read of a blogger who actually stayed here -not so bad i guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

It's now bustling with South Asian,read more from wiki here.

Walking out from one of the small exits of ChungKing., you will find small stalls lined up on the little space between building. 

Old school 3* hardcopy for sale haha.

Nathan Road just ahead.

To continue our walk down to Avenue of Stars.

The peninsula hotel.

Unfortunately we see sign boards saying that the place is under construction - had an option to head over to Garden of Stars.

Cross this road , turn left & keep going for about 10mins.

Garden of Stars wallpaper along the way.

Here is a map of surrounding things to visit.

It's over the other side of road, on top of a foyer with this background.

Before heading over, take a view of the Hong Kong ferry terminal just on the right hand side after going up the staircase.

Temporary replacement to avenue of stars?

Yeap, the same statues are here.

In addition to others.

Anita here.

Kiddy try to climb up.

Not to forget Mr Lee.

Another garden below..skipping it, we had enough of garden walk for today.

And other classical HK oldies stars art on the wall nearby.

Ok ,i don't know all of them :p

Walk back to HK cultural center for the Symphony of light @ 8pm. Go early else it will be super crowded.

Still empty... but by 7.40pm this place is filled up with people waiting for the light show.

15mins of music & blinking lights on building.

One of the rare free things to do in HK, other than Kowloon Park walk haha.

Can read more on discoveryhongkong.

The Peninsula at night. Marvelous sight it is.

Sun Kee's cheese Noddle is our next destination.

GPS location: 22.3002953,114.1707471

It's on ground floor of Champagne Court, might be a bit tricky to locate if you don't have good sense of direction (hahaha, just kidding ya apple-user :P).

Here is the opposite landmark for you to check before turning into the building. Just circle around Kimberly Rd, well at least that worked for us.

Looks quite deserted at ~8.30pm. All shops alreay start closing.

We are at the right building yo.

Here is the sign, but need to look out for it especially if you don't read mandarin. :p

this is hard to miss...but we DID miss it actually LOL. Can be forgiven if you are banana i guess..still quite funny to miss such a big signboard.

walked right past the shop with all HK stars picture over the glass windows.

Then after comparing notes, we realized this is the Sun Kee shop we were looking for.

Order is simple, look at menu with pictures and point..ohwai , we can speak Cantonese la even if a little bit off from local slang.

Instant noodles below, but covered by cheese sauce completely. It's just so-so only to me. The pork cheek meat is not really tender or juicy to me, so try yourself & compare not with what's claimed by cincaijiak.

Typical damage at HKD 94 for 2 bowls in Hong Kong.

Next, we are back to Jordan MRT. Obviously to peek at the one shop missed out just now.

Finally no queue at ~ 10pm for Australia Dairy Company. But still full house, and we had to share table aka 'thap thoi'

Damage cost per bowl.

This is also quite special pudding, expect smooth jelly like treat, almost like our tau fu fah. Can't compare to the later of course..different food stuff ya

Menu on outside, not so useful if you don't read Mandarin i know. By now, we are pretty stuffed (too tired to feel hungry from all the walking whole day).

via google

Some sausages & curry fish ball stall by road side. Didn't try though. For some reason HKies like to queue up for Japanese food...probably they are sushi lovers?!

On the way to temple st.

Here is the archway, marking the entrance i guess.

Handicrafts, curiosities , souvenirs, T-shirts and trinkets on sale.

Some real street side food stall? 

Biasa la..been to too many pasar malam hehe

Sea food.

Oh also, sex shop beside outdoor stalls haha.

Too tired to go on, we headed back to get our rest before next day's half day trip. Whole walking business scored us ~18 KM using Huawei's Heatlh app.