Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Ramadhan Bazaar @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras

This year the arrangement for ramadhan bazaar new site is a pretty good idea. Less messy, causing less jam than its original location at the awkward junction & stretch of road in front of Jusco Mahkota Cheras. There are ample parking space you can find around this area. You can't really miss it from the park in the middle of Mahkota Cheras shop lots area.

GPS location: 3.052929,101.7869651,18

(If you really need it.)

I parked near the park area & just walk over. Much easier than previous location where we parked near Saturday pasar malam sites & walk over.

Stalls arranged in rows within the square site.

Nasi ayam goreng dara RM6.50 per pack.

Fruit juice stall

Fried Samosa @ RM0.80 per piece. Chicken or beef available

Local brand coffee

Lekor & fried banana from RM1.

Roti John

Murtabak ayam RM2.00

Here is to the joy of Ramadhan.

Selamat berpuasa to all Muslims friends =)
Ramadhan month is one of my favorite time of the year, as new bazaars pop up everywhere once a year to offer local delicacies & add on to the festive atmosphere. Just remember to not eat in front of fasting folks during day time.haha.