Friday, March 25, 2016

Getfit 2016 March

Sort of like hit my target of 3 days running + workout currently. But still running at n00b distance. Wonder how those guys do it. 

Should i ditch the workout circuit?? Currently doing 2 reps of this - swapped out hand stand for situps. These circuit kills my hips even before i start running. Yesterday was raining & only do 1 half assed rep, the 5km run was a breeze.

Flowers blooming @ Taman Banjaran Kelana Jaya.

Recently joined Google+ Running community. Seems like 5miles in 45min is a standard for beginner ~18K steps?..thats 8km in 45 minutes..Damn still quite a far way off from this standard. Getting 3 days out of a week is kind of tough already with all the evening rain nowadays. That will be 15min circuit, 45 min run and ~5min circuit as cooling down. Wish the weather isn't this warm!

Update: managed to get finish 8km in ~50min! Much less than i thought, but stamina level is still bad to maintain good pace. A little too exhausting for weekday training, well it's Friday today hehe.