Monday, March 28, 2016

Mobile game: Mages and Minions

Currently playing this simple game. Touch screen to move, draw to activate skills or cast spells. Pretty new and interesting than the typical hack-n-slash games mobile.

Pretty graphics, but a little awkward on some maps with hills peaking on viewer side since can't rotate the view. 

Simple in-game currency. Can earn some freebies gems via daily quest (also too simple) and by watching online ads and by random drops in-game. They have gold too, but not much use other than random generate some rings and necklace or resurrect with full health. "For golden glory!"

Can play off line, but some synced features will not be available. Such as skill upgrade, fuse/combine weapon etc..

"nice bridge, sturrrdy bridge"
"oh no, not a bridge again"

Only downside is no Autoplay, which is pretty common in many mobile games including Zenonia-S where you cleared the level and able to let your char run amok by itself via Autoplay. Pretty fun to burn out some time while grinding for gears etc.

Find the humor in this game funny. Male voice is a bit cheesy, and what's with the bridge in the game? :)