Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thermo Pot aka hot water dispenser

Don't know why so hard to google up this thing. Maybe the term a bit confusing..Even panasonic calls it 'hot water dispenser thermo pot'..even lowyat not much discussion. Maybe the price too low to be worth discussing??

I guess just look at few things before choosing:

a) price
b) capacity
c) brand - those in market long enough usually have better product life & reliability
d) child proof

Choice between kettle or water dispenser depends on usage though, obvious difference will be capacity. dispenser/Thermopot (2liter & above) > kettle typically at ~1 liter, any bigger then have to go for the huge ass kettle.

PROs & CONs section

Hot water dispenser 
a) Yay + nay : Can get hot water anytime but consume more electricity.

b) Nay: Need power on to dispense- one trick we use is boil the water, and off it. Use the thermal insulation to keep water warm, when need to use, turn on & after use turn off.

c) Yay: If have baby/toddler this is better option since need hot water more often. Child proof lock button also important.

d) Nay: lifespan looks like ~2.5 years max -ours at home starts to have crisp plastic crumbles dropping into the water storage tank now. That should be indication that need to replace a new one.

a) Yay: cheaper on electric bill. If you like boiling water for drinking, then kettle better since you can leave it alone to cool off.

b) Nay: reboil needed if you want to make hot drink after >20min

c) Yay:long lasting. Can get ceramic type if you are the paranoid type- really tempting!

Few top brands (locally) that comes up from google searches; Elba (Malaysian brand) , Faber, Pensonic, Hesstar, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hetch, Covac..big discounts for Fujicom online.

Online reviews not detail enough, probably best to make a survey trip down a shopping mall or electrical appliance shop to look and see. If not in hurry, look online for discounted deals + cash back. See the my post link for this.

Didn't know that this can get so technical. Some of the points below can consider as well.

Read more: 
Which? total test score for hot water dispensers ignores price and is based on: 
40% overall ease of use 
25% consistency of volume dispensed 
25% speed 
5% water temperature 
5% build quality 

Hot water dispensers needed to score 75% or more in our tests to qualify as a Best Buy. 

Is a hot water dispenser quicker than a kettle, and does it use more electricity? Same.
Fast, doesn't spit much when dispensing, doesn't drip