Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Please don't tell my mum

Can you feel the rain on your face and hands?Can you catch a raindrop with your hands?

Jump in puddles! Create patter in puddles!Explore what happen to the gutter and where the water go?

Don't let the rain stop play, we love outdoor play, whatever the weather!
But please don't tell my mum.

By wife,

Stop once in a while to get in touch with nature 

To rest ,sooth our soul and recharge.

More tips for kids outdoor activities here & some DIY stuff to make with kids.

 Create some landscape art – draw or write names with twigs, stones or leaves, and then take photographs.
 Dig the garden/allotment together. Children often (but not always!) love helping with gardening tasks.
 Everyone take bags and go collecting – pebbles, shells, pottery, hazelnuts, fungi, kindling for the fire.
  Take a bag to collect wild treasures, and a notebook to write or draw in.
Create a nature table – the perfect home for the spoils of your latest collecting mission.
 Go on a "blindfold walk" to use sound and touch rather than sight.
Go out in the rain. (checked!)
Or we go and collect stuff and make a stick man – great for kids who have read the Julia Donaldson book with the same title